Communes of The Motherland

Communes are the means of organization on

The Motherland. They are generally defined by

one of three things. Geographical area, ideology

or playstyle.


Population: 100+

Description: Sanctuary was founded in August 2020 to

serve as the union city for the server. It is

meant to be a location for members of different

communes to get together. The city is connected

to several major communes by the overworld road network

We recommend new players start here while they explore the server.

Balthyrrenian Socialist Federative Republic (BSFR)

Founders: Laura, Solidarity, Camisar, Smuglash

Population: 37

Description: The BSFR is a sprawling federation of communes occupying

the continent south of Spawn. While each commune

has its own distinct style based on different types

of European architecture they all cooperate and

work together to become the best looking communes

on the server

De Beauvoir

Founders: AmeliaMakhnovia, Comrade_Emily

Population: 34

Description: De Beauvoir is an anarchist commune themed on

18th to 19th century European neoclassical architecture,

featuring relatively tall buildings with distinctive

French characteristics.

Snezhny Ostrov

Founders: ViviBell, Farsen, TunaSandwich

Population: 20

Description: A Farsenist, east-asian commune, based on

preserving nature and it's beauty.


Founders: Tord, Lycemia

Population: 46

Description: Proletaria is built on barren 100 block high mountains (mostly stone

shore) where they meet coral reefs, for a nice contrast.

Together with Yan'an, it is the biggest and most active

commune, however much more centralized to a small area,

and built in layers with water elevators and ice roads

for transportation. Right below the commune, a quad cave

spider spawner will allow quick mending and enchanting of

tools, and north of the center a gunpowder factory allows

comrades to power their Elytras to enjoy the rocky coast

from above. The architecture is generally northern European

with modern straight design, glass, and wooden housing.

Works of art include lighthouse, museum, burning US flag,

and an 80 block high Che mural.

Yan´an collective

Founders: Carthradge, Tadhg_Mac, Np239, xyxer, anarcho-hikikomori,

Sledge115, Luxio, Syndieboi, AdamWL, Hockaga, others

Population: 46

Description: Yan´an is a large, decentralized anarchist collective. Each

subcommune has full autonomy and its own themes. Yan’an

has organized large public works for the server, such as

the continental Belt and Road Initiative and the largest

server trade hall.

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